10 Essentials of Mobile Marketing for 2014

MM1There’s no questioning the fact that the mobile market is increasing at a rapid rate, and more and more people are making mobile devices a part of their daily lives. In fact it has been estimated that the number of mobile users will exceed the number of PC users. While this presents a tremendous opportunity for businesses, it will only be possible if the right marketing strategies are used.

1. Recognize the Benefits of the Mobile Market

As pointed out at the first step is for your company to recognize what the mobile industry can offer you. Unless you do this you will never understand what users will be looking for. This is the first step, and you need to have a thorough comprehension of your goals and how to make it happen.

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2. Create the Appropriate Content

This means two things: number one, you need to provide content that is suitable for the device: the content must be suitable for tablets, smartphones, and notebook computers and so on. Second, mobile users have different Internet connection speeds. A full featured product pitch is nice, but if it takes too long to load, users will lose interest. The need to strike a balance is incredibly important particularly if your business is just starting out.

3. Use Ads Wisely

mobile marketingThere are many kinds of ads you can use in mobile such as video, expandable banners, floating ads and in app advertising. In app advertising is one of the most popular and is being used effectively by a lot of companies. However, that isn’t your only option and you need to consider all of them. Before launching any ads you need to consider your target audience and try not to put them off. While you want to get your message across you must not try “too hard” that it will turn people off. It isn’t how many ads you put in that matters, but the manner in which you carry your message across.

4. Optimize Your Content for Mobile

This means more than just optimizing the app, as you also need to provide information in such a way that will encourage people to find out more. Don’t throw everything at them at once since it will be too much. Also, you need to use simple language that ordinary people can understand and relate to.

mobileFinally, it is imperative that you ask for a user’s consent before starting any downloads. This is very important, as it will show that you are not intruding. This is the first step to building trust and confidence.

5. The Right Digital Agency is a Must

If you are going to hire a digital agency for creative and technical services, make sure it is a good one. This means the agency has to be well versed in widgets, different types of media, interactive content and other types of ads. This doesn’t imply that you will be using them all. But it helps because in the event your product line expands, you need not look for another agency to help you out. At the same time a digital agency can help you when it comes to strategics and campaigning.

6. Branding Your App

There are literally thousands of apps for mobile devices now, so you need to make yours stand out. The only way to do this is to brand it and be certain that it is true to your company’s vision and goal. Apart from having features that users will find exciting, the product must be compelling enough so users will want to continue using it. In other words, users must want to keep your product after using it the first time. If you are creating a mobile app, no matter who your target market is, it must be personal, vibrant and proactive.

7. Offer Great Deals

People like good deals, so why not offer them great ones? You can increase your target market if you offer deals that are actually relevant to the user. That is, it must be in some way connected with your product, since that is what your customer wants. Already, the mobile marketing is making it easier for companies to target their audience, so it is up to you to make the most of the situation and offer personalized deals. Whatever deals you want to offer, it must be personalized, easy to redeem and the user must be able to avail of it using the device.

8. Target and Sell

There are many ways to target consumers and sell products, and one of them is to engage the user directly. This means providing information about product launches, upgrades, product demos and so on. The reason why this is important is that it will demonstrate to the customer that you are serious about the product and will upgrade its features often. If a company does not show interest in its product, then there is no reason for the user to be interested either. It is for this reason why you need to keep your product fresh.

9. Develop a Loyal Customer Base

This is essential in all kinds of business, and especially so for mobile marketing since the competition is so cutthroat. While there are several marketing strategies you can use, it all comes down to the quality of your product. Besides that though, you will also want to develop a loyalty program that will award them.

The fact that people are always carrying their mobile devices makes it easier for people to follow up on what you are offering. However, it isn’t enough to just build a loyal customer base as you also need to maintain them.

10. Attract Other Customers

Once you have got your mobile product ready, you can begin marketing them in earnest. Assuming you have the right product, you can now proceed to attract more people to buy or download your product. There are many ways to do this, and one of the most effective is to set up a referral program. This is not the same as a loyalty program, although they are similar. With a referral program you will get more customers and also expand your business. This requires planning and strategy, but it will work for your business.

These are just some of the ways that you can make the most of mobile marketing. While it seems as if there are a lot of things you should do, they are essential for staying ahead in the game and beating out the competition. With the information provided at you should be able to learn just what the other steps you need to take are.

Bio: Douglas Ralston is a technology professional with several years experience in the mobile industry, particularly marketing and strategy. He is also an entrepreneur and focused on the latest developments in the mobile app industry.

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