Apps To Power Your House Hunt

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So you are looking to buy a house. Maybe a chic new loft, a cozy apartment or a spacious bungalow in the locality of your dreams. You are pouring over newspapers and classifieds, scouring real estate websites and talking to real estate agents around the city. And you think you are done. Well don’t stop just yet! If you are even the least bit technologically savvy there’s a convenient new way to house hunt for you…apps! People do everything on their phones nowadays like pay their bills, shop, look for good holiday deals, and find the latest restaurants serving their favourite cuisine and more. And now of course look for homes and other kinds of real estate as well!

Real estate companies and online websites are also launching their own mobile friendly versions that allow users access to a large database of residential and commercial real estate properties. You will find scores of great apps for your mobiles or smart phones and ones that work on multiple varieties of smart phones, that give you a wealth of information about listings as well as options that help you manage your search as well.

Here we have rounded up and listed a few popular apps that may help with your next house hunting adventure –

  1. Around Me – This handy app which is free for iPad and iPhone users gives you a quick look at what all you can find around a home you may be considering. Since our lifestyles play a big part on where and how we want to live, you can now use the app and find out where the closest restaurants and bars are, where the bus stop is, distances to the banks and post office, distance to the closest coffee shop and more. You can quickly scope out what amenities you will have close to you.
  2. Realtor.com – This app continues to be one of the most popular among people looking for homes. Claiming to have the most number of listings, you will have access to hundreds and thousands of listings, something not usually accessible through an agent or via ads. And it is all available on your phone! Another awesome feature is that gives you access to loads of details about the property in question, perfect for discerning buyers who rather know every single detail before going to view a property. You can also look at listings that are for rent or those that have been sold already. Another perk – the app is free for both iPhone and Android users.
  3. Dictionary of Real Estate Terms – Looking at real estate can be super confusing. Most laymen are not familiar with the numerous real estate terms and can lead to major confusion and you end up feeling lost before the process even starts. Do terms like bilateral contract and closing costs baffle you? This is the app for you! Next time you are talking to an agent or the banks you can just discreetly check your phone and get clued in!
  4. Zillow – Like the website version, Zillow is also a very popular real estate app among house hunters. Say you are looking for a home in Kalyan or a town home in Kansas, this app will give you a list of information regarding estimated prices of houses and apartments. It also has a mortgage calculator and a cool facility that will give you data regarding all the properties up for sale in the neighbourhood you happen to be at.

You will find quite a few efficient apps nowadays for different mobile platforms, depending on where you live. Give them a whirl to make house hunting a little more fun!

Bio – Nicholas M works with a debt relief company and has 5 years under his belt in the profession. A technology junkie himself he is always keeping abreast on the latest apps.

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