The Top Five Things You Need to Know – and Have – before Working as a Freelancer

Freelancing is often thought of as a great way to escape the rat race and start your own business, with many clients and a schedule you set for yourself. Whilst there’s no reason this shouldn’t be true, a lot of people who want to start a freelancing career underestimate the amount of time and effort it takes to truly be free of the everyday hustle and bustle. Being a freelancer is like being an entrepreneur – it takes a lot of work to get it going, and it requires discipline to make it into Read more [...]

DVDFab DVD Copy software Reivew

DVD copy software is a must have if you want to copy, clone, or rip a DVD. The software is very user friendly. Most DVD copying programs are very complicated and not very easy to us. They can make you give up on them before you are able to copy a single DVD. However, DVDFab DVD Copy software allows anyone to copy a DVD in the matters of two mouse clicks. The software's interface is very simple and it gives the user a lot of options in copying a DVD. You can copy a DVD to your hard drive or a blank Read more [...]

Why to adopt SSD web hosting in web servers?

Web hosting is an internet hosting service used by companies and individuals to facilitate easy access of their websites over the internet. You might have heard about ‘SSD hosting’, which stands for Solid State Drives that are used to speed up access to a website that is available on the internet. It is an inspiring affair when you are accelerated to access your website content. Unlike conventional HDD technology, the advanced SSD technology offers great speed in accessing a website. SSD Read more [...]

What a Fully Encrypted Internet Could Do for Your Surfing Experience

Even without taking email into account, the average person spends about 13 hours a week online. Even though users are online more than ever before, trust in the Internet may be at an all-time low. Security and privacy have always been important issues when it comes to Internet usage, but recent events have brought these issues to the forefront. With reports of mass surveillance, people are feeling more threatened by the idea that they are being "watched.” Your internet service provider can assist Read more [...]

Looking through new Windows: What’s changed with Windows 8?

Change. All the search engines, social media sites and OS do it at some point. Just as soon as you’re au fait with the features and functionality of working with the latest version of Windows, then Microsoft see fit to update it. Since the latter part of 2012, all Microsoft devices have Windows 8 OS as the default installation. New users will first notice that it looks quite different to Windows 7 because it has been designed to work with touchscreen tablets and computers. The Windows 8 start Read more [...]

A website blueprint evolves from many draft designs

Ask any writer how many drafts their novel went through before reaching the print stage and it will amaze you the answer you’ll get. Novels, even magazine and web articles are the subject of several drafts and revisions before the final polished item is laid bare for the world to see. The same is true of a website; the blueprint the designer works to will have gone through many changes before it even gets to the actual design stage.     Form follows function A phrase coined Read more [...]