How Building A Blog Can Help Boosting SEO of Your Local Online Business


Are you looking out for a way to get your local online business more noticed?  Ever given a thought about writing a blog? This will certainly a sure fire thing especially when your competitor doesn’t have one. How building a blog can boost the SEO of your local online business? Well to begin with, writing the regular blog means you are updated with the timely events and news. Google spider raises their antennas towards any fresh content – so you attract their attention.

There is a common misunderstanding that SEO is good for the national markets and not for the local ones. Visitors do more than interacting on your blog, they spread the word by telling their friends and this in turn links back to your blog post. These are unsolicited links which portrays a unique impression and this certainly is appreciated by the Google. Perhaps the biggest benefit to blog for your local business is that it provides you with the platform to get in touch with your audience and customers. You can even link to your blog posts from various social media websites to promote your business.

How to get started?

So how would you get started? Go ahead and the WordPress as the blog content management system is just ready for you. It is easy, search engine friendly and loaded with exciting features. You can fill it with add-ons to make it more appealing. It will be a good idea to check with SEO to help you decide which of these you can use it.

For attracting the links directly to your business website, you can put a blog into a dedicated sub domain or a subdirectory and make it a part of your business site. Once your blog is set, post it regularly. However, it is not easy to write a post on the daily basis, but that is okay. You need to setup a time and stick to it like posting in a week’s time, every 3 days and so on. This trains other visitors and Google that your blog is updated with the fresh content.

Another thing to consider is to make sure that your content isn’t lengthy. Three or four paragraphs are more than enough – this keeps your readers engrossed and keeps coming back for more.

Lastly, make your blog entertaining and interesting. Make sure you don’t make it boring to read this is enough to make your readers yawn and shift to some other blog. Your readers are clicking your page to read something unique and interesting. With a little research you can team up some really cool stories, so all you have to do is tell them well and in an interesting way and that’s it you will attract quiet an amount of traffic boosting the SEO of your local business online.

Taking care of the above reading will surely help you increase your chances of higher rankings on the leading search engines and stay ahead in the competition.

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