A website blueprint evolves from many draft designs

Ask any writer how many drafts their novel went through before reaching the print stage and it will amaze you the answer you’ll get. Novels, even magazine and web articles are the subject of several drafts and revisions before the final polished item is laid bare for the world to see. The same is true of a website; the blueprint the designer works to will have gone through many changes before it even gets to the actual design stage.     Form follows function A phrase coined Read more [...]

How to Cut Costs: Getting Loose Of Vendor Lock-In

Vendor Lock-In is a real problem appearing in any acquisition project for a business CRM solution. Inevitable, the dependency of the provider appears, but there are different degrees of this. Maximum dependence appears when the client asks for a fully customized solution, developed especially for the company where it is implemented. If you change the provider, you will have a major problem. An average degree of dependency appears when the clients look for “on the shelf” solutions. Those are Read more [...]