Successful Transitions: from Television Game Show to Online Application

Some of the most popular television shows should remain just that – television shows. Such has been the incredibly popularity of some of the shows on screens around the world, developers have negotiated a way of turning them into online games for people to play as the characters from the show, or completing the kind of tasks they spend hours telling the real-life contestants how to do.


Everyone’s done it – come on, who hasn’t shouted at someone to deal when watching Deal or No Deal, or screamed the answer at the TV when watching Who Wants to be a Millionaire while the contestant uses up yet another lifeline? Hmm. You have! These two in particular have made excellent online games, with Deal or No Deal taking on various forms on the Mecca Bingo website, while Who Wants to be a Millionaire was so popular both on-screen and online that it was released as a smartphone and tablet app.


Another great example of a game that has made a successful transition from the small screen to, well, a smaller screen, is the X Factor. Don’t worry, the name of the game isn’t to sing along to a cover version of your favourite track like a lot of the “talented” performers to have appeared on the show, but to try and line up three symbols – a bit like connect four, but one fewer!


This kind of game has been popular because it comes with the branding like the X Factor, something that people are aware of even if they don’t watch it, and also because the game is so simple. One of the major pull factors for certain games is the simplicity. A lot of people head online to play as a way of relieving their stress and boredom, “switching off” their minds for a few minutes so keeping it simple but exciting is essential for developers.


The Wheel of Fortune is another that has been popular, particularly among iOS users. The show that involves spinning the wheel to win points, and then being allocated that many points for every correct letter you guess, has been a family favourite for years with millions tuning in to watch, shouting out their answers at the screen. Now, it has been turned into a highly popular iPhone app that caters for different abilities making it easy for everyone to play and get their gaming fix.


Who remembers Family fortunes? The game where families would compete against each other to win cash and prizes? Well now you can play a virtual version of the game on your smartphone or tablet, unlocking extra levels if it all gets a little too easy! This kind of feature, where you can unlock extra content, is a great way of keeping gamers interested so that they don’t complete the game, throw it in the trash can on their desktop or remove it from their device and finding something else. It’s what has made the likes of Angry Birds a global phenomenon.


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