Video SEO – Importance and How to Make It Effective

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Search engine optimization is the most popular thing among webmasters and bloggers due to its magical results. It is a powerful source of rankings and traffic but there are categories for search engine optimization that are determined according to the pages. If your page or website is focused on content then the content of general optimization will work well but if your page is focused on videos it may be possible that the general rule of optimization would not work that way. You would need to consider video optimization for optimizing your video content.

Here are some tips on how to make your video pages searchable and optimization compatible.

  • Remember, the page where you have placed your videos should be light. This will increase the user’s preferences for your web page and it will also support on many other devices.
  • Give your video specific and relative title. Your title is the main source of traffic because it will appear in search engine results. You should keep the title massage clear and engaging so that it can attract the visitor. You can also consider giving a keyword specific title and you can search best keyword in Google Keyword tool.
  • The video alone does not make an impressive presence and it would not be presentable and preferable for visitors as well as for search engines. You should represent your video with content and image so that it would look complete.
  • Give the related website links or video links in the end of a video or thru the video annotations while playing. This will keep your visitors engaged.
  • Remember, the Meta tags of your page and the keywords of your videos should be relevant to your content. Search for keywords and integrate all the focused keywords on the pages or videos.
  • Try to give one specific page URL to your video and place only one video with content on one page. This will help you to get search engine’s and visitor’s priorities.

If your website is compatible for optimization then you can consider for actual search engine optimization process. Here are some expert search engine optimization tips to make the optimization work faster in right way.

  • Search and then apply one of the best strategies for your videos. Update your website structure and make it easy to navigate. Make it rich with internal site linking and title tags.
  • Select relevant keywords with the help of Google keywords research tool.
  • Submit your video sitemap in Google so that your video pages could be tracked by search engines.
  • Adding transcripts to your video will help you to maximize your video page traffic.
  • You should use the Open graph service of Facebook for your pages so that your visitors can share your videos on social networks. The Facebook OpenGraph needs just a one click and your video will be shared on their wall.
  • Arrange your video content and organize the images and textual content in particular order. Make it presentable and understandable.
  • Give eye catching thumbnails to your pages and videos so that it can attract viewers to click on it.

If you want to optimize your media content based website then you should remember that it is the most important to Represent your web page creatively and make it complete according to search engines. This will help you to get instant results of video search engine optimization.

Author bio: Lisa is a professional video maker who works as in a reputed marketing company – She love creating videos for clients which are used for marketing their business all over the internet. You may know more about her strategies and her live video streaming services visit her blog.

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